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What Is The Body Sculpting Operation

Body sculpting is a relatively new cosmetic operation explicitly developed to shape the body to look more harmonious and slim for those who want to get rid of unfavorable fats and sagging skin. The surgery can be preferred both by men and women.

It is an operation that coordinates body weight by removing the excess stubborn fats that hide the beauty of body muscles and get a tight body.

We use the Vaser technique for body sculpting operations, which relies on high-frequency sound waves to break down the deep fat under the skin, especially in the abdominal region.

Candidates For Body Sculpting

There are some conditions that the patient must have to undergo a body sculpting operation, including:

  • The person should be in good general health as this operation requires general anesthesia.
  • The person is free from diseases that may hinder the body’s recovery.

Pre-Body Sculpting Operation Tips

In preparing to undergo a body sculpt operation, the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions to decrease the risk of complications or side effects in the procedure. Some of these instructions are:

  1. Commit to a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
  2. Stop smoking or drinking alcohol for a month before the operation.
  3. Avoid taking diluting medications that can cause bleeding during surgery. Therefore, you have to inform your doctor about the medications you are currently taking.
  4. Fast for 12 hours before the appointment of your surgery.
  5. Contact a friend or a family member who can drive you to the hospital where you will have the surgery.

Stages Of Body Sculpting Operation

Body Sculpt operation usually takes between two to seven hours. Since the Body Sculpt operation is actually a body contouring procedure, it is a customized operation, and the duration of the operation may change from one patient to another. This body contouring surgery usually combines several operations, such as fat reduction, tummy tuck, thigh lift, and breast lift.

The stages of body sculpt operation are:

  • After determining the area of your body that you will have the procedure on, your doctor goes over your operation plan for one last time. The doctor will make marks on your skin to show you where the incisions will take place.
  • After that, your surgeon will administer general anesthesia to you.
  • Then, in the stage of sterilization, the medical team sterilizes the entire body to avoid any possible infection.
  • The doctor makes small incisions in the areas that are identified, then starts to remove excess fat by inserting the cannula with a size of barely a few millimeters. With this cannula, the doctor can inject a saline solution, which turns the fat into a liquid that is easily absorbed.
  • During the process of fat removal, the skin is tightened by the Vaser technique. Finally, the doctor closes the incisions.
  • The doctor will then place bandages over the treated areas, and you will wear a corset for 4-6 weeks.

Post-Body Sculpting Operation Tips

The recovery duration for the body sculpting operation takes between ten days to two weeks for the patient to start returning to their daily activities.

The patients need to follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions strictly so that their skin will heal beautifully and get healthy and satisfying results. Some of these instructions are:

  • Get plenty of rest when you get home after the surgery. The patient normally stays at the hospital between two to three days before going home.
  • Do not do any exercises or lift any heavy objects for at least one month after the operation so your skin can heal properly.
  • Be careful when touching your wounds, especially when you are taking a shower.
  • Follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions regarding your medications strictly.