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What is Clatuu Alpha 360

Considering the time and money spent on gyms and diets, Clatuu Alpha 360 is the most effective and surefire result in getting rid of fat. Multiple cooling heads, designed with versatile cooling technology, give precise and non-invasive results on every part of your body, from knees to under the chin, and freeze and melt fat. Furthermore, it is applied individually with different head types and provides over 90% patient satisfaction.

How is Clatuu Alpha 360 Aapplied

Clatuu Alpha is a system that interferes with the fat layer under the skin without damaging the surrounding tissues during application. Cold heads freeze stubborn fat in the targeted area. Frozen fat cells crystallize during and after application. These crystallized fats are excreted from the body through urine, so it is easier to get rid of stubborn fat without much effort.

Benefits of the Clatuu Alpha 360 Treatment

  1. Maximum comfort and convenience
  2. Non-invasive procedure
  3. Quick results
  4. A safe and effective alternative to liposuction
  5. Complementary to other treatments
  6. Satisfaction guaranteed

How Many Sessions of Clatuu Alpha 360 Should Be Applied

Clatuu Alpha is something you can do even during your lunch break. It provides a 25%-30% reduction of the fat in the treated area in a single session. Also, it is a needle-free and painless procedure. After the application, you can continue your social life without waiting. The consultation determines whether the treatment needs to be repeated after the first session.

Differences Between Liposuction and Clatuu Alpha 360:


  1. Results are permanent.
  2. It is a surgical procedure.
  3. One week of recovery and six weeks of cooldown to exercise.
  4. Requires anesthesia.
  5. More suitable for large areas.
  6. Results visible in 3-6 months.
  7. Although it is low, there is a possibility of scarring.
  8. There is a possibility of internal damage.

Clatuu Alpha 360

  1. Results are permanent.
  2. It is not surgical.
  3. No recovery time.
  4. It does not require anesthesia.
  5. Best suited for small and medium-sized areas.
  6. Results visible in 3-6 months.
  7. No risk of scarring.
  8. Non-invasive.

Which Areas Can be Treated with Clatuu Alpha 360

The areas most commonly treated with Clatuu Alpha are:

  • Abdomen (upper and lower).
  • Arms (upper arm).

Like many other areas, Clatuu Alpha 360 can treat the following areas as well: 

  • Thighs (inner and outer).
  • Bra line.
  • Chest area in men.