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How It Works

Like all other botox treatments, masseter botox injections are preferred to serve aesthetic purposes and treatments for some medical problems such as; tension headaches and muscle hypertrophy.

Masseter muscles are the muscles that connect the lower jaw with the cheeks. In other words, they are the jaw muscles. This muscle is crucial to the chewing process and is very strong. Therefore, botox injection sites must be done by a professional, successful, and highly trained dentist/medical practitioner. Otherwise, mistakes may affect any other facial muscle or the jaw muscle from functioning well, or in the worst-case scenario, it can paralyze the muscle.

What Do You Need To Look For Before Having Masseter Botox?

It would be best to look only for well-trained and qualified doctors who have been doing the same Botox procedure (jaw muscle injections) for a very long time. Also, they must have a vast record of successful Botox injections. Therefore, ask your dentist for a good referral, check with people who have the same treatment options, or search the internet and look for clinics with high reviews.

Pre-Operation Instructions For Masseter Botox

The first and most crucial step is the consultation between the patient and the dentist or medical practitioner. During this consultation, a full examination of the patient’s medical history, conditions, and current medications, if any, will be conducted. If the Botox injection is used to treat TMJ disorder, then a dentist must operate or supervise the injection.

Yet, if the person doing the injections differs from the patient’s dentist, some examinations for the patient’s jaw must be conducted again before the masseter botoks injections. Also, the patient must get a recent medical report from their current dentist explaining their medical conditions in detail. TMJ is a temporomandibular joint disorder, a dysfunction that occurs in the jaw joints when the muscles and ligaments around it are inflamed or irritated. Many things may be the reasons, such as ;

  1. Bruxism.
  2. Stress and Trauma.
  3. An improper bite.
  4. Arthritis in the TMJ.

Therefore, injecting Botoks in the jawline relaxes and reduces the pain in the masseter muscles. 

The other purpose of botox injections for masseter muscles is aesthetic. Some people may have large masseter muscles that cause a square-shaped face shape. This might be by birth or due to habits, such as over-chewing gums, that enlarged the muscles. Therefore, botox injections are a convenient solution for;

  1. People are seeking to slim their masseter muscles.
  2. People seek to reshape their face from a square to an oval or heart face shape.
  3. People who want to reduce the size of their masseter muscles.
  4. People who simply want to readjust the size of their masseter muscle.

How Is The Massetre Botox Procedure Conducted

After the consultation and required examinations are completed, the dentist will determine the proper technique for masseter botox injections and the portion depending on each patient’s conditions.

  • The dentist may draw lines to outline the injection area on the side of your jaw lines to insert the needed units of botoxs. Sometimes, they may apply ice to numb it, but the procedure usually causes minimal pain, more like a pinch for this area. 
  • The patient must clench the muscle while the dentist injects the Botox. Also, the injection must be done correctly for the best results and to avoid possible side effects. The best way is to outline the correct area or side of the masseter muscle.
  • The injection must be done towards the bottom of the muscle and a little bit further back. Otherwise, it may affect the ability to smile or make any facial expressions.
  • The process takes a short time and is done very quickly. It usually takes 15 minutes. The patient will be able to resume their daily activities normally.
  • The result may be instant after the procedure is completed, and the outcome, especially for the contouring of the jaw and chin areas, will be visible within 14 days. The injection will reduce teeth grinding and pain and create a slimmer chin or jawline. The masseter botoxs injection effect may last from 3-6 months.

Post-Masseter Botox Injection Instructions

There are a few tips and things to avoid after the masseter botox injections that are necessary for better results and to prevent possible side effects. These tips are;

  1. The patient must maintain a straight position for almost seven hours after the injections, or in other words, avoid bending or lying down.
  2. For the first day after injection, the patient must avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and exercising.
  3. Refrain from hot baths, Turkish baths, saunas, and direct sun exposure for a while.
  4. Avoid stressing, rubbing, or scratching the treated area, and avoid any pressure on it.

Possible Side Effects Of Masseter Botox

Masseter Botox injections’ side effects are mild and go away within a short period after the 

Procedure. The effects are usually swelling, redness, bruising, and pain in the treated area. The patient may apply ice to lessen the redness or swelling. However, similar to all botox injections, rare, severe side effects may occur, and these will require medical attention, such as;

  1. Nausea, bleeding, and muscle weakness.
  2. Difficulty breathing or swallowing. 
  3. Strong allergic reactions.
  4. Vision problems like blurred and double vision.

Who Cannot Have Masseter Botox

It is essential to know that even though masseter botox is safe, only some are suitable for the procedure. You will not be a suitable candidate for masseter botox injection if;

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Have a bleeding disorder and neuromuscular disorders.
  • Have a skin infection and are allergic to any of the botox ingredients.

The Cost Of Masseter Botox

The cost of botox injections for masseter muscles varies from one case to another and from country to country. Generally, women’s botox injections for slimming the jaw are usually cheaper than men’s. That is because since men’s muscles are bigger, they need more neurotoxin.

The botox injection cost in Istanbul, Turkey, is also more affordable than in any other region. At Asrar Bliss, we offer convenient prices for all our treatments and exceptional VIP services.