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What Is Monsplasty?

A Monsplasty, also called a “pubic lift,” is a surgical procedure that reduces the amount of fatty tissue and/or skin in the mons pubis, the upper part of the hair-bearing area of their vulva.

The mons is the fatty area above the genitals and based upon genetics or age or weight changes can create a bulge that can affect one’s self-confidence. This procedure reduces the prominence of the mons and sometimes involves significant skin removal, while in others, liposuction is sufficient.

Why would I need/want this procedure?

For many women, excess skin in the mons area creates a bulge that leads them to feel embarrassed about wearing tight clothing or a bathing suit, or they may feel insecure during intimacy. This procedure offers a permanent solution to this concern, reducing the amount of skin that projects and creating a smoother appearance under bathing suits, tight jeans or yoga pants. Candidates should be physically healthy, maintain a stable weight, and should not smoke.​

What to expect if I get this done?

After the initial swelling subsides, you should expect to see the final results of your procedure within six months. The reduction in the amount of skin and/or tissue in the area will prevent the mons from protruding, creating a smoother appearance under clothing.

Candidates For Monsplasty procedure?

A consultation with one of our surgeons will be the best way to determine if you are a candidate for monsplasty and what steps you will need to take prior to surgery. Your surgeon will assess your needs and determine the best approach to achieve your desired results. Depending on the extent of tissue removal, you may undergo the procedure with local anesthesia with oral sedation, or general anesthesia, and you may be able to go home the same day.

Post Surgery Expectation

You should expect your recovery process to take about one week, and you should plan to limit your physical activity for two to six weeks, depending on how extensive your procedure is. In the case that you have skin removal, a small tube or two may be placed to act as a drain for any excess fluid or blood, and typically is removed within a few days. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully.​

Will my results change if I get pregnant?

Typically, no. Although everyone’s body is unique, fullness and excess skin in the mons pubis are often genetic features, with surgery yielding long-lasting results. The area most affected by pregnancy is the upper abdominal area, not the mons pubis, so you are unlikely to see a change in your surgery results even if you become pregnant after the procedure.

Can this be combined with other procedures?

Yes! Some patients choose to undergo another cosmetic procedure – like a tummy tuck, body lift or Mommy Makeover – along with a monsplasty to achieve an overall smoother, better proportioned lower body contour.

Also, many patients opt to have a monsplasty at the same time as a labiaplasty and/or vaginoplasty to rejuvenate their pubic area. These procedures can be done at the same time. Please consult with one our surgeons to determine the best approach for you.

Additionally, these procedures can be done at the same time as medically indicated procedures so that you only need to have one procedure with less recovery time than if performed separately.