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What Is a Cochlear Implant Surgery?

cochlear implant is an small and complex electronic device which is designed to help children and adults with sensorineural hearing loss. If a person has a hearing loss due to damaged tiny hair cells in the inner ear sound cannot stimulate the nerve normally this is called as sensorineural hearing loss.

The inner ear (cochlea) converts the sound waves into electrical impulses and this impulses are recognized as sound in the brain. If the tiny hair cells in the cochlea damaged, sounds can not reach to the auditory nerve so that the brain can not interprets those electrical impulses as sounds.

By mimicking the hearing process a cochlear implant bypasses the outer, middle, and inner ear and deliver the sound signals directly to the auditory nerve. 

There are many different types of cochlear implants. However the device consists of two parts: internal portion (receiver) and external portion (speech processor). The internal and external portions of the device work concurrently to change sound into electrical impulses to stimulate the auditory nerve.

The Device Implant Procedure

The internal portion of the device : A tiny receiver which is a implanted surgically into the cochlea. The receiver collects, decodes, and stimulates the auditory nerve. After that the brain interprets those electrical impulses as sounds.

The external portion (speech processor): It looks like a hearing aid device which has a microphone, processor and transducer. The processor manages the collected sounds by microphone and direct a signal to the transducer. The transducer changes the signal to a magnetic signal which can be received through the skin by the receiver implanted in cochlea.

The surgical procedure to place the the internal portion of the device takes only two hours and carried out under general anaesthesia. The surgeon makes a incision behind the ear in order to place the receiver. After that the receiver is attached and the electrode array is inserted into the cochlea.

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