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What Is a Lung and Chest Wall Cancer Surgery ?

The chest cavity is the second largest hollow space of the body which holds crucial organs such as heart, lungs, major arteries and veins of the body, to sustain life. The chest wall is the boundary of the chest cavity and provides protection for all these vital organs. The chest wall is made up of the ribs, the sternum, and cartilage. Like other parts of the body it is possible that malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous) tumours can occour on the chest wall. Primary chest wall tumors can be originated from cortex, bone, cartilage and soft tissues in the torax. Secondary chest wall tumors can be originated from anywhere in the body and metastasized to the chest wall. Depending on the type, location and growth rate of the tumor on the chest wall, may cause a serious problem. However some of the patients who have primary chest wall tumors might not have any complaints at all.


Non-cancerous tumors of the chest wall are chondroma, osteochondroma and fibrous dysplasia. Unless non-cancerous tumors cause symptoms such as pain or trouble breathing, they may not require treatment. On the other hand cancerous chest wall tumors mostly sarcomas always require treatment.

Diagnosis of Chest Wall Tumors

To determine the presence and type of chest wall tumor a variety of diagnostic tests are available. These are Imaging studies such as chest x-rays, CT-scans, and MRI scans to determine the size and location of the tumor, Pet-Ct scanning to determine whether the tumor is cancerous and pulmonary Function Test to determine whether the patient has enough lung reserve to tolerate the surgical removal of the chest wall tumor. When a chest wall tumor has been detected, a biopsy may be recommended to determine the exact type of tumor.

Our surgeon will provide the detailed information about the planned operation and post-operative care and the recovery process.depending on the results of the diagnostic tests and consultation findings to determine the most appropriate surgical options for the patients individual situation.

Surgery of Chest Wall Tumors

The main treatment of a malignant chest wall tumor is surgical removal of the tumor and reconstruction of the chest wall. It may also involve chemotherapy, radiaotherapy treatments. The type of the surgery determined by the surgeon depending on the size and type of the tumour. Today it is possible to perform common thoracic procedures in a minimally invasive manner.

Surgery involves with removing the some parth of the rib cage to resect a chest wall tumor. After resection of the tumor reconstruction chest wall is doing using adjacent muscle, mesh or combinations of synthetic meshes and bioprosthetic materials, Our surgeons are specialised in chest wall tumors and ensures the best possible outcome for our patients.

They are carefully reviewing patients condition in a detailed examination to find the appropriate treatment Our surgeons are Turkey’s most successful thoracic surgeons for chest wall tumor removal surgeries. Specializing in chest wall tumor surgery our highly-experienced surgeons can perform a wide variety of surgeries from minor procedures to extremely complicated surgeries that require extensive inpatient management and treatments.

If you have a chest wall tumour requiring surgery to remove it, contact us to learn about our safer and effective surgical options. Turkey is among the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world. Our patients receive advanced treatment with cutting-edge technology from high qualified medical staff. Patients generally save 50% to 70% in healthcare cost in Turkey compared to the cost of similar services in Europe and United States.