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What Is a Stereotactic Brain Biopsy?

Stereotactic brain biopsy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed for diagnostic purposes of a brain lesion in which surgical extraction is not necessary or if the lesion is located in the deep sites of the brain and because of this the surgical extraction of the lesion is not possible. MRI and CT scanning can show the location of the lesion however doctors can’t determine the appropriate treatment for the patient without a exact pathological diagnosis. Intracranial lesions appeared on MRI and CT scanning can be a benign or malignant tumor, an infection or an inflammatory or a vascular abnormality. Treatment of these lesions are very different that’s why neurosurgeons have preferred to perform the stereotactic biopsy to determine the appropriate treatment. Because of the low complication rate and high rate of diagnostic yield stereotactic brain biopsy is is a safe and reliable procedure to obtain sample of brain tissue for diagnostic purposes.Indications


The patients who has deep-seated brain lesions or multiple lesions and if the surgery is not a treatment option for them, they are good candidates for stereotactic brain biopsy.

How is stereotactic brain biopsy done?

Depending on the location and the size of the lesion it can performed with a frame or frameless. Before the procedure we need to make preoperative testing including an electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, laboratory tests, MRI and CT scanning to create 3D model. 3D computer model based on MRI and CT scanning locate and show the exact position of the lesion before surgery. Using this 3D model created by the MRI and CT scans, a biopsy needle inserted through a small opening in the skull to the lesion to remove a tissue sample. 

4 small samples will be removed for pathology testing. After the procedure to get the final result of the pathology needs 5 to 7 days. The appropriate treatment options will be discussed with our neurosurgeon after we get the final pathology result.

How long you need to stay at the hospital?

stereotactic biopsy is performed under general anesthesia and usually it takes around one hour and requires an overnight stay at the hospital.

The Pre Surgery Process

At our hospital we are pleased to provide immediate access to stereotactic brain biopsy at affordable prices. We have a prepared a stereotactic brain biopsy package including pre-operational tests, consultation, neurosurgeons follow up, 1 night hospitalzation, standard medications and supplies, nursery, anaesthesia, pathology.

If you would like to get exact price information for stereotactic brain biopsy, we are kindly asking you to send us your medical records such as examination and surgery reports, treatment records and laboratory results in English via e-mail. We also need your MRI and CT scans. After evaluation of our neurosurgeon we will inform you about the treatment options and pricing. We appreciate your application and the confidence you have placed in us.