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ASRAR BLISS is a medical tourism company, founded by Specialist Doctors to give a different understanding to the field of health tourism.

Our Associate Hospitals offers comprehensive medical support services to individuals and corporations abroad. We regard all our patients as VIPs and are dedicated to ensuring they receive the highest quality care for their specific diagnoses and treatments from our highly specialized and experienced medical team. To provide a multidisciplinary approach, we consult with various physicians, guaranteeing that each patient receives the most effective medical plan.

ASRAR BLISS Special Team and our Partners provides a boutique-type service in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Siamese, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, French and Deutsch.

We prepare a personalized travel program for all our patients. Once we receive the flight booking confirmation from the patient, our coordinators will prepare a trip program accordingly.

If you wish to extend your trip, we offer alternative hotel options, tours and travel options as well. Starting from the airport pick-up and including the follow-up procedure, you will be accompanied by our operational team.

One of our most important features is that all our patients are followed up in our CRM system, and they are informed in the post-operation period and followed up until they reach 1 year. Respecting confidentiality, all the photographs and personal data about the pre-operation, consultation, and post-operative period are saved in our archives for 1 year.

Our patient coordinators attend to you online before you come here and also accompany you during your stay here.


Meet Our Team

We believe that the concept of Medical Tourism is to conveys both the willingness to travel and willingness to treat as core processes within the new global market of health travel.

It also captures the health sector element as well as the wider economic impact of such travel. Such a focus facilitates an understanding of which individuals go where, why and for what, and what the impact is indirectly building and strengthening the Health System Globally.

Whilst we agree Medical Tourism may have little to do with General Tourism we are here to help to provide  information and care for our patients to gain knowledge about the Medical Treatment Process and Facilitate Communications with our Specialist Doctors and Top-Rated Hospitals in Turkey.

We as a Team at ASRAR BLISS are striving to ensure your  Medical and Aesthetic need are met.