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About Height Lengthening

Are you tired of being short? Do you feel self-conscious about your height in everyday situations to the point where your happiness is being compromised? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

We are the leader in height lengthening surgery and leg deformity correction. Being short or having limb deformities are the two major reasons why people want to have this procedure.


Improved self esteem and confidence 

Feelings of rejection, withdrawal, isolation, and poor self-perception are all common feelings associated with height dysphoria. 


Whether you want a competitive advantage in the workplace, your favorite sport, or even the dating world, being a few inches taller can help. Being short can leave you feeling overlooked and is physical manifestation of feeling “lower” than other people. If you’re constantly concerned about your height and tired of people making jokes about it, or if you’ve ever avoided (or were prohibited from) participating in an activity or social event because of your height, leg lengthening surgery is probably worth the cost for you because you’ll feel more confident in your day-to-day life. Being on the same level as your peers has a mental benefit that encourages confidence and pride. With that new confidence and without the mental block of feeling like you’re not as good as others, you’re able to conquer anything you put your mind to!

Peace of mind 

Once you’re not so worried about your height and the negative emotions that feeling may bring, you’ll have a much better outlook moving forward in life. When we fixate on something that generally brings us down, it can be difficult to feel hopeful about the future or excited for opportunities that may present themselves. Once you’ve fixed something you previously had an issue with, you have more space to explore new and upcoming possibilities, as well as a more positive view of the future!

If you feel like you consistently blame your height for day-to-day inconveniences, dating problems, professional struggles, and more, leg lengthening surgery may provide some peace of mind and contribute to your overall happiness and contentment. With height as a concern being out of the way, you’re able to focus on the next steps toward personal and professional development and improvement.

The Detail Process Of Cosmetics Height Surgery

Patient Consultation:

The process to become a patient begins with an initial consultation with our Specialist Doctor, conducted online through a video chat or in-person, to answer any questions you may have  regarding the procedure and to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Your medical history will be evaluated, as well as your goals and expectations. An additional in-person consultation at our practice in Turkey is then scheduled where a complete physical exam and radiographic imaging is conducted to determine final candidacy.







Prior to surgery your current medical condition will be evaluated, and recommendations will be made to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes. We will provide detailed, individually tailored recommendations for diet, that may include recommendations for supplementation, and exercise regimens that promote flexibility and optimal healing.


The  surgical procedure is minimal invasive and can generally be accomplished with one 1-inch incision and three ½ inch incisions for femur lengthening. Tibia lengthening requires two additional small incisions to implant the device. Surgical time to perform the procedure is approximately one hour for both limbs. 

During the cosmetic height surgery PRECICE implant nails are placed into the intermedullary canal (hollow inner part of bone). After the procedure the implanted device will respond to a remote control to gradually lengthen the bone. This bone lengthening process is usually painless.


After surgery patients remain in the hospital for a two-day admission and are monitored by trained nursing staff. A specialized physical therapist will make daily visits to begin physical therapy and to assist with the start of the lengthening phase of the procedure if approved by our Specialist Doctor.


After discharge from the hospital, patients are transferred to nearby, residential accommodations and continue with the lengthening phase of the procedure. The lengthening phase will continue until the desired lengthening has been achieved. Approximately 25 days for every inch of lengthening is required for femurs and 32 days per inch for tibias. Patients will also undergo physical therapy five to six days per week for a minimum of one hour a day. Patients may leave the Turkey approximately two weeks after surgery if adequate physical therapy treatments are available where they reside and if they are able to return for mandatory follow up visits.


Once the desired length/height has been achieved then the lengthening phase is stopped, and the consolidation phase begins. The newly regenerated bone will begin to fully harden and weight bearing restrictions must be adhered to until follow up x-rays confirm that normal walking and weight bearing activities can be safely resumed. Patients should continue with prescribed physical therapy regimens as well as dietary and supplement recommendations.


The technology and surgical skills used in our limb lengthening procedure, while highly specialized, are widely used thousands of times a year in the Turkey to repair broken arms & legs, correct length discrepancies & congenital defects and even for cancer related limb reconstructions—all serious medical applications that present challenges that are relatively complex compared to limb lengthening cases with healthy patients.

LimbplastX utilizes the FDA-approved Nuvasive® PRECICE Intramedullary Nail System for cosmetic limb-lengthening height surgery, which is the most advanced system available in the world. We currently use the latest PRECICE 2.2 Nail System. This unique system is specifically developed for cosmetic height surgery and limb-lengthening applications. We anticipate the fourth-generation PRECICE nail, with increased weight-bearing tolerances, to be made available to our practice and our patients in early 2024.